Complete Spiritual Warrior VIP
A Goal which you could not accomplish on your own, in this program you will gain the knowledge & momentum to create a breakthrough.

Instant changes & relief in handling Anxiety, Fear, Stress etc
Sensory agility to reach your goals & thus bring the future in the present instead of recreating the past.
An insight that this program is not “once in a lifetime” but it is “life long
Value is sown & groomed that
a. Creative Action
b. Urgency to Act
c. Outcome based journey

 Productivity Principles based on Spirituality but with the contemporary outlook
Creating willingness
to have intimacy by Discovering your “sweet spot” and making others discover their sweet spots

Swami Sukhabodhananda

International Management & Spiritual Guru, Author of 118 books, Psychological Coach for CEOs & Sportsmen & rated as the best speaker by Times Of India

From the age of 25 to 65 years, my journey of impacting lives of people in the fields of Corporate, Sports, Youth, CEOs, Bank Chairmen, Homemakers, Police and Armed Forces through workshops, 118 books in multiple languages and Spiritual texts has been fulfilling. At the age of 64, I got my black belt in Martial Arts and now in 4th Dan am an example of constant learning and exploring. I am going to share all my secrets of success and satisfaction.
I have created this “Secrets to Ultimate Wealth & Happy Champion Skills System” to show you the path of my inner victory & fulfillment.
Learn my Simple, Sure and No-Nonsense method to become a Spiritual Warrior
Note: DAY 1 to DAY 4 are given through short recorded videos of less than an hour and you can watch it at any time during the day.
However, on DAY 5 - LIVE session will be done by 8PM, for which it is highly recommended that you attend LIVE online, 


VIP Method #1
Out come based videos Weekly once
VIP Method #2
Live sessions with Swamiji in supporting to reach the Dominos Goal.
VIP Method #3
Interactions through WhatsApp everyday
VIP Method #4
Supporting Counseling sessions through Swamiji’s Senior Students
VIP 5. Method #5
Tech7. Sharpening the tool of “Healthy Engagement & Healthy Disengagement” and thus handling Paradoxesnical Support 
Powerful Systems as the backbone for going forward towards your goal

What People Say

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurated Gyan Sangam in which top CEO's and Bank Chairman's attended,  swamiji was invited as Keynote Speaker for 2 Consecutive times   

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